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For those of you that have moved house before or simply switched accommodation and needed movers to help you, and had a bad experience, we know that you will be particularly cautious when it comes to engaging with that kind of service again. However, it may at some point become necessary for you to get the help of a professional team for furniture removals from your Burwood residence, and so we hope that when that time comes, all of your research and investigation will point you in one direction.

The Benefits of Our Removal Service in Burwood

Here at Mooval, we don’t believe in just following the practices and procedures of other removal and moving companies in Melbourne. We are a young, ambitious team that want to set ourselves apart from the rest of the crowd and bring a truly exceptional moving experience to each of our customers, regardless of how big or small a move they are undertaking. In the years since our establishment, we have already developed a reputation as a fast, reliable and a responsive removals service that takes the stress and hassles out of the moving process and leaves you with a smile on your face, and hopefully, your faith restored.

Our goal is to deliver a premium service without premium rates. So, even those who think that hiring a moving company may be out of reach, we invite you to get in touch and chat with one of our friendly customer support agents to determine what we could do for you. We regularly have offers available throughout the year, so you never know, the timing might just be right.

How Our Removalists In Burwood Work

At Mooval, we are home-grown, Australian owned and operated company, and we are based right here in Melbourne. We exclusively service the metropolitan area and in the last 12 months alone we helped 3,200 families move. With 22 staff that have a combined experience of 35 years in the moving industry, all plucked from the best national companies, you can have faith in our abilities to bring a level of professionalism to your door that you will not find elsewhere.

So whether you’re moving to MorningtonRingwood or anywhere else in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

At Mooval, we do everything in our power to ensure that we can walk the walk, as well as talk the talk. To this end, we use only the most advanced web-based and mobile technologies to plan for your move, organise it, and execute it. The service can be tailored to your exact needs and with eco-friendly boxes available for you to use and return when you are done, and 10 trucks at the ready that can cope with moves of any and all sizes, rest assured that we have got every base covered.

Top Tips For Lifting Heavy BoxesFrom Our Removalists In Burwood

Here at Mooval, we take the stress of moving home away from you, so you can concentrate on the exciting prospect of living in your new home. Our team of professional removalists in the Burwood area provide you with a high-quality service tailored to your specific needs and at the best possible price. What we commonly find with those moving is that they hurt themselves when lifting and laying all these heavy boxes. Here, we are taking you through our top tips to help prevent this from happening during your move.

Not lifting boxes in the correct manner can have a serious impact on your body and cause injury. Lots of people find this happens to them when they are moving home, and so it is important that you follow our top tips to prevent this from happening. All our removalists implement these actions when moving boxes in your home.

When you are going to be moving a heavy box, it is important that you think this through before you dive straight in and start lifting it. Ensure that there is a clear path for you to move your box and remove any objects before lifting that could get in your way. It is also vital that you are wearing appropriate footwear that has a little stretch to them as this will minimise the danger of pulling a muscle.

As you are about to lift your heavy box, make sure that your waist is as close to the box as it possibly can be. Why? If you do not take this advice, then it can seriously affect your spine having your waist too far away from the box! Furthermore, the heavier side of the box should always be closest to your body to help you keep your spine in an upright position.

When you are lifting heavy boxes, you should always adopt a stable position. This means having your feet apart, keeping your balance steady with one leg forward a bit more than the other and then finally, you must make sure that you do not bend your back. A small bend can be okay but having a large bend can cause serious injury to your back.

Last, but not least, whenever you are lifting heavy boxes you need to know your limits. Finding that a box you are trying to lift is too heavy? Then that is because it is! Also, just because you can lift a box does not mean that you can do so safely which is a key difference to take into consideration.

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At Mooval, we offer a range of services and furniture removals is a speciality of our Burwood team. As we all know, furniture can often be far heavier and more difficult to lift than boxes! You can speak with our team through live chat, email or by phone and we can offer you a fixed price quote with no hidden fees, so you know exactly how much our removal service will cost.

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Our working partners include National Storage, The Salvation Army, Eview Group, Stockdale & Leggo, Barry Plant and LJ Hooker, and the reviews for our service are excellent. At Mooval, we take pride in the work we do and have testimonials both written and video on our site for you to check out. What’s more, the approval ratings of our service speak for themselves on all our other platforms, so take a look at the Facebook, Google, Oneflare, Product Review and Service Seeking listings, too, for further confirmation of our fantastic service.

Here at Mooval, we know that we are the best removalists Burwood residents and businesses can rely on, and we know that once we’ve moved you once, you will find it difficult not to agree.

Mooval is Melbourne’s best professional removalist service for moving furniture in offices & homes. We are experts in furniture removals in the eastern suburbs as well as office removals in Melbourne. Browse our website or call us to learn more about our services.

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