COVID-19 Updates

This page will be consistently refreshed if our service changes because of COVID-19 – if it’s not too much trouble return for the most recent data.

Last Updted August 6, Thursday at 2:45pm

We are working, as an allowed business in the Road Transport (traveler and cargo) classification, with a COVID Safe Plan.

We’ve gotten point by point guidance from DHHS today (August 6) expressing evacuations administrations can keep working during the lockdown time frame.

We can finish these occupations:


  • Changing your conventional spot of living arrangement (counting to or from a storeroom for this reason).
  • Getting a conveyance from an open and approved business.
  • Outside of this we need you to call DHHS and get a call reference expressing your move is allowable

Something else, moves should be deferred until after September 13, or dropped.

On the off chance that current appointments are influenced by the refreshed exhortation, the contact person will be notified by our office ASAP.


We’re right now working as a contactless help

For the term the reestablished lockdown, our lone help offering will be ‘contactless moves’. This more tough convention requires extra exertion from clients, and from us – see beneath for a nitty gritty breakdown of how a Man With A Van move works right now. We’re requesting that clients assist us with doing our bit to diminish the danger of transmission. All employments at present booked will be regarded, yet under the new contactless principles.

The continuous battle to contain COVID-19 has been troublesome, however we’re focused on having our influence – couple with our clients – in keeping Melburnians moving securely. We keep on checking government exhortation on best practices and business limitations.

As usual, on the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning a forthcoming booking, our tasks or our reaction to COVID-19, it would be ideal if you call our office.


Contactless moves

We’re working an altered, contactless help, which intends to limit the danger of viral transmission. It’s our solitary help offering right now, and requires additional means from clients and our movers.

What we need from you:

Is it fundamental? We inquire as to whether it is fundamental for you to move as of now. If not, we approach that you book the movement for after the planned end date of the lockdown.

An accurate stock. We should know precisely what things should be moved to ensure all the secret sauce is moved

Directions for access to every property. In case you will be home, told us you’re leaving the entryway open. In case you’re not, forget about a key for us. Ensure we’re mindful of the entrance guidelines before the move day

Names on all things. Join guidelines to your things so the movers realize where to put them at the drop-off location

Cleaned and arranged property and products. If it’s not too much trouble clean all high-contact territories, for example, entryway handles and door handles, with disinfectant or cleanser before the movers show up. It would be ideal if you wipe down hard surfaces on your furniture things utilizing disinfectant

Disengage yourself. Orchestrate to be offsite while the movers work, or segregated in another room, with the entryway shut. Converse with the movers via telephone, not face to face, on the off chance that you have extra directions while they’re working. We’ll call you before appearance, so you’ll have the movers’ number

Give a charge card via telephone ahead of time of the activity. We’ll safely store it, put through installment toward the end, and email you the paid receipt. We can’t acknowledge money or EFTPOS face to face as of now. In the event that you wish to tip our movers, have confidence that you can in any case do this – simply let them know via telephone toward the finish of the activity.

Note on helping our movers. Under typical conditions, we permit clients to help with the treatment of things to accelerate the moving procedure. This isn’t a choice at the current time. Subsequently, every one of the one-mover appointments should just rundown things which can be securely taken care of by a solitary individual.

We maintain whatever authority is needed to leave any activity where our movers feel in danger, as this is a general medical problem.


If you don’t mind let us know!

  • In the event that anybody living in the properties has as of late been abroad, or is in self-detachment in any capacity whatsoever
  • On the off chance that you are sick or have manifestations. Assuming this is the case, we will approach you to rebook for some other time, or give another person to give get to and encourage the move
  • In case you’re more than 70. We’ll request that you have a companion or relative supervise the move, and that you make courses of action not to be available. On the off chance that this can’t be masterminded, we have to talk about your choices further, before the move


Steps we’re taking to diminish the dangers

  • Sterilizing our vehicles toward the start and end of every day of work
  • Staying up with the latest with Australian Department of Health guidance on great cleanliness and social removing, with specific accentuation on customary and careful hand-washing
  • Teaching staff not to go to work in the event that they have any indications of sickness. Rather, anybody encountering side effects has been told to remain at home, counsel their PCP, and follow the significant Australian government conventions with respect to self-segregating and testing
  • We’re following DHHS guidance on veil wearing. This implies our movers will wear covers any place conceivable during the move, however may evacuate them while doing vigorously exhausting exercises, (for example, conveying exceptionally overwhelming things, or going up or down stairways).
  • Effectively checking guidance from state and government offices for new prerequisites and best practice
  • Our movers will agree to Victorian government mandates to wear veils at whatever point conceivable while working


Questions or concerns?

As usual, in the event that you have any inquiries or concerns, call our office on 1300 757 486 or


This page will be stayed up with the latest with our present status, so please return for the most modern data.