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The Best House Removalists in Melbourne

There are only so many things you can actually do yourself when the time comes to move home. You know that the wardrobe and furniture in the living room simply will not fit on top of or inside your car no matter how much you wish it would. And you know that no matter how well you tie it down or stack it in that trailer you’re thinking of renting the likelihood is that it could get damaged along the way.

The team here at Mooval exist to negate all of those thoughts. As the house removalists Melbourne residents have relied on for years, you can rest assured that in our hands, you will have nothing to worry about.

We look after all of Melbourne from our base in Dandenong South and all we really need to know from you is where you are, where you’re going and how big the move is. Our dedicated team of house removalists in Melbourne are as good as it gets in the moving industry. We cherry-picked each one of them from some of the biggest national moving companies because we want to ensure that customers of Mooval have the finest service possible available to them.

House Removalists In Melbourne Making Moves Easy

With over 35 years of experience moving houses in Melbourne, our team looks after your home and goods as if it were their own. It doesn’t matter if you live in the biggest mansion on the block and are moving to an even bigger one just down the road, at Mooval we endeavour to bring you a level of professionalism that guarantees you a fast, reliable and completely stress-free house moving experience. We are prompt in all of our communications and our young, hip team like to do things a little differently to all the others so you can expect us to arrive with smiles on our faces.

So whether you’re moving to BalwynOakleigh or anywhere else in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

Moving mansions and homes of a large size require a level of finesse, care and meticulous handling at each stage of the process. So, when you hire Mooval you can rest assured that everything from the packing to moving day and storage will all be specifically tailored to meet your exact needs, and will be carried out with a level of nuance you will not find with any of our competitors.

Deciding on Hiring a Moving Company

Moving homes or offices is never an simple thing, and making the choice to do so may be a necessary but daunting prospect. So much is involved and if one is not meticulous and organised, so much can go wrong and it can end up being a disaster.

Hiring a moving company may be considered expensive. In reality, it may, in fact, save you a lot time and money. Mooval are among the best house removalists in Melbourne, and the ideal choice for your move. It isn’t enough to say we are the best moving company however, so we’ll go ahead and tell you what sets us apart.

The Value of a Good House Moving Company

When planning to move home or business, you may already have considered whether you would like to enlist the help of a professional moving company. If you are here, then the chances are you have more or less decided to use one and are searching for the right company to contract for your move.

At Mooval, we take pleasure in blowing our own trumpet a little, so that you can take note of the exceptional service that we are able to provide for you and feel confident in your decision to use us. After all, you are the reason we are in business.

Our belief is that by offering you highly professional and personalised services, we turn your intended, and often tumultuous relocation, into the smooth and exciting new beginning that it should be, without the hassle. We sincerely believe that that is where the value of a good moving company lies.  

Benefit From Years of Experience

At Mooval, we have years of experience in facilitating house or business moves. This has given us vast knowledge in this area that you can benefit from. When you contract Mooval, you can be confident that we are handling your possessions expertly, and taking every precaution to ensure their safe and sound arrival.

We offer packing and unpacking services, and here too, we exercise extreme care in handling and accounting for each and every item that you entrust us with. We pay very special attention to delicate items such as electronic appliances, mirrors and fine dishware, amongst others.

One of the biggest guarantees that we can give you to assure you of peace of mind is that we will look after all your items with utmost care and consideration. We also offer insurance to cover any liability that may occur during the contracted period.

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Cost is always a major consideration when looking to hire a removalist. The scope of services that will be required to determine what the final cost of moving will be. As the leading removalists in Melbourne, at Mooval we offer extremely competitive rates and ensure prompt and convenient relocation services.

We would be happy to furnish you with a quote if you will kindly get in touch with us. Our service is comprehensive, and we can cover every aspect of your move or just certain areas. Let us know what your choice is.Give us a call and speak to one of our team on 1300 757 486.

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