Mooval and the Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Continuing to offer our services amongst the shake up.

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Mooval Update

Dear Valued Customers,

Like everyone, Mooval has been closely watching the development and impact of the spread of the Coronavirus, and particularly its effect on our economy and the health of our people. Our approach has been to remain alert, not alarmed, as we put in place plans to ensure that we are in the best possible position to meet the challenges presented. We understand how vitally important it is in such times to have removal & cleaning services for consumers; we are doing our best to provide services to everyone in this challenging time. We would like to update you on how the evolving COVID-19 situation will affect our business and the precautions we’re taking in our office along with our crews visiting on site. The health and safety of our clients, our staff and their families remain our utmost priority. We are implementing new measures, along with existing protocols in place to mitigate unnecessary risk. These are inclusive of, but not limited to: What we are doing in our Head Office:
  • Educating our team on hygiene and other preventative measures in line with Government recommendations;
  • Ensuring hand wash/sanitiser is readily available to all staff and clients within offices;
  • Being vigilant with hygiene standards;
  • Checking in daily with our staff to ensure they are healthy and well, and actively encouraging any staff or client who is feeling unwell to refrain from attending the office;
  • Requesting that unwell clients, or clients who have recently travelled, cancel their booking and re-book once clearance has been received from their medical practitioner.
What the onsite crews are doing:
  • Educating our Field crews on hygiene and other preventative measures in line with Government recommendations;
  • Ensuring hand wash/sanitiser is readily available to the field crews;
  • Being vigilant with hygiene standards;
  • Checking in daily with our head office to ensure all staff/ movers/cleaners are healthy and well to undertake work.
  • Field crews are requested to advise if they feel unwell and to stop work immediately and seek medical assistance.
  • Field crews are not to shake hands with any customers / clients while onsite.
  • Field crews are to wear a face mask where required onsite.
  • Field crews are to wash hands after every job thoroughly.
  • Field crews are to politely ask the customer before entering the property as a second precaution that the customer is healthy and does not have any COVID 19 symptoms.
  • Field crews are to advise customers to keep a safe 1.5m distance while onsite.
What we request from our Customers:
  • When booking in jobs our service consultants are to request that unwell clients, or clients who have recently travelled, rebook for a later date for service to complete their job.
  • If any customers have any case of COVID 19 in place, or have been in contact with anyone identified with COVID 19, before we can attend this property a 28 day period quarantine needs to pass and we need to have a medical document from a medical practitioner advising they are recovered from the COVID 19.
  • Mooval Staff members and the Field crews reserve the right to cancel any appointments with little to no notice if the mover/cleaners are not feeling well or if the mover/cleaner feels deemed necessary whilst on site (Signs of coughing, sneezing or illness etc coming from the customer/client). Our leadership team is meeting regularly during this unprecedented time and is closely following all advice received from the Department of Health and World Health Organisation to manage this dynamic situation.
We are committed to supporting our clients and the Australian community during this time of uncertainty. Thank you, Mooval Management

COVID-19 Update

This page will be regularly updated if our service changes – please return for the most up-to-date information.  Last updated Thursday, August 6  We are operating, as a permitted business in the Road Transport (passenger and freight) category, with a COVID Safe Plan. We’ve received detailed advice from DHHS stating removal services can continue operating during the lockdown period. We are able to complete these jobs:
  • Relocating common places of residence, house to house, & from or to a storage facility.
  • End of lease cleans
  • Outside of this we need you to call DHHS and get a call reference stating your move is permissible
Current bookings are not affected by the updated advice, If there are any changes with your booking, please contact our office ASAP. We’re currently operating as a contactless service For the duration the renewed lockdown, our only service offering will be ‘contactless moves’. This more stringent protocol requires additional effort from customers, and from us – see below for a detailed breakdown of Mooval works at this time. We’re asking customers to help us do our bit to reduce the risk of transmission. All jobs currently booked will be honoured, albeit under the new contactless rules. The ongoing fight to contain COVID-19 has been difficult, but we’re committed to playing our part – in tandem with our customers – in keeping Melburnians moving safely. We continue to monitor government advice on best practices and business restrictions. As always, if you have any questions about an upcoming booking, our operations or our response to COVID-19, please call our office on 1300 757 486. Contactless moves We’re operating a modified, contactless service, which aims to minimise the risk of viral transmission. It’s our only service offering at this point in time, and requires extra steps from customers and our movers. What we need from you:
  • Is it essential? We ask that you consider if it is essential for you to move at this time. If not, we ask that you book the relocation for after the scheduled end date of the lockdown.
  • An exact inventory. We will need to know exactly what items need to be moved to make sure all the right stuff is shifted
  • Instructions for access to each property. If you’re going to be home, let us know you’re leaving the door open. If you’re not, leave a key out for us. Make sure we’re aware of the access instructions before the move day
  • Labels on all items. Attach instructions to your items so the movers know where to put them at the drop-off address
  • Cleaned and prepared property and goods. Please clean all high-touch areas, such as door handles and doorknobs, with disinfectant or soap before the movers arrive. Please wipe down hard surfaces on your furniture items using disinfectant
  • Isolate yourself. Arrange to be offsite while the movers work, or isolated in another room, with the door closed. Talk to the movers over the phone, not in person, if you have additional instructions while they’re working. We’ll call you before arrival, so you’ll have the movers’ number
Note on assisting our movers: Under normal circumstances, we allow customers to assist with the handling of items to speed up the moving process. This is not an option at the current time. As a result, all one-mover bookings must only list items which can be safely handled by a single person. We reserve the right to leave any job where our movers feel at risk, as this is a public health issue. Please tell us if:
  • If anyone living in the properties has recently been overseas, or is in self-isolation for any reason
  • If you are ill or have symptoms. If so, we will ask you to rebook for another time, or provide someone else to give access and facilitate the move
  • If you’re over 70. We’ll ask you to have a friend or family member oversee the move, and that you make arrangements not to be present. If this can’t be arranged, we need to discuss your options further, prior to the move