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Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be a hassle. Let Mooval take the stress away and get you where you want to be, faster.


Moving House?

We know that moving to a new house can be a headache. You’ve got so much to think about, and that’s before you even begin to work out the logistics of carting your belongings safely from A to B.

For moves of all sizes, from the bulky items to the delicate pieces, we’ve got you covered. All of your furniture and everything in between will be treated with nothing but respect, just as we would treat our own property.

If you’re seeking a reliable, flexible and affordable moving company, you’ve found one.

How it works ?

Select your desired start date & provide details by contacting us

A disinfection of all areas using our Antimicrobial method will be carried out by our professional cleaners

Antimicrobial decontamination process will take place

Your premise will be ready to re-enter after
just 30 mins

No Hassle, Stress-Free Bunndle Service

Pack, Move, Unpack, Clean and Utilities Disconnect & Re-Connect

Our Services

Moving somewhere? ​Mooval provides removalist services catering to a wide variety of needs.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Everyone knows how to pack a box, right?
When packing a box, put the large items in first, and smaller items in last. That way you will get more into the box. Although, be careful not to overload the box, or the bottom might fall out!

Fragile Items

Don’t arrive with a box of broken things.
Fragile items also tend to be expensive items. Be sure to pad them and put them into boxes carefully. For extremely fragile items, postage boxes with bubble wrap will ensure that they are kept safe from being bumped during transit.


Bedrooms can be the most unexpectedly difficult rooms to move.
Fragile items also tend to be expensive items. Be sure to pad them and put them into boxes carefully. For extremely fragile items, postage boxes with bubble wrap will ensure

The Lounge

The room for relaxing can be decided unrelaxing to moov!
Put the smaller items such as display items, vases, ornaments, and magazines into boxes, being sure to label the boxes so you can find these items later.

The Chef’s Domain

Nobody likes chips in their glasses and plates!
Plates and glasses should be wrapped in old newspapers as this will prevent chips and cracks due to the bumps and jostling while in transit. Pots and pans also should be wrapped in newspaper to prevent scratches

Home Theatre

Home theatre equipment can be complicated so take care.
A good idea is to label the cables before dismantling. This will make it easy to put it back together again at your new home. To protect modern large screen TVs, Use masking tape

Packing Up Your Life?

At mooval, we leave no stone unturned when you’ve got big moves to make.
We’re there to assist you, both on and off the road.

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We set the standards others try to live up to. We take pride in safely and securely moving your precious goods on time with no hassle.

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Moving homes? Mooval will pack and move your precious belongings with the same care and attention we would handle our own. If you value the peace of mind that comes with a professional removalist, look no further.

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