Planning Your Home Move

Who can you trust with your most valuable and prized possessions? That’s the question that springs into the mind of every person that undertakes to move from his or her current residence to a new abode. Few people have the transportation requirements and expertise to pack and move their entire lives with little hassle or fuss and without incurring a major expense, and if they do, then they probably work for us here at Mooval!

The reality is that when you are moving home, you will seek the assistance of a removals specialist. While having the help of a team to package, collect and delivery in a timely manner is what you hope for, the reality is that the industry is chock full of options, and some will afford you many more conveniences than others. Here are a few pointers to help you decide:

1. Word of mouth and First Impressions

Your first port of call should be family, friends and trusted colleagues. You will undoubtedly know a few people that have moved and will gain a wealth of local knowledge from their experiences. Word of mouth is a great way to get a recommendation you can depend on and to locate a reliable removalist in your area that you can then recommend to others, assuming you have just as good an experience.

Once you have a name, the Internet will make things a little easier. A lot can be determined by taking a look at their website. If it’s poorly designed or offers little insight into the extent of their services, then this shows little enthusiasm for or pride in the service they deliver. The way a company presents itself to the world is a strong indicator of their attention to detail and how they will cater to the needs of their customers.

Furthermore, if the removalist that you are looking into creates content regularly with regards to their industry and provides information that is useful to their target market, then this is a good sign that they are thinking about the current marketplace and delivering useful advice that compliments the services they provide.

2. Do customers leave positive reviews?

We are living in increasingly social times given the prevalence of social media and so any company that wants to truly engage with its target market will have a presence on the main platforms. Regular communications are essential and any customers messages directed to them on these platforms should have prompt replies and this alone will give a sense of their professionalism.

Google and Facebook reviews are a good way to determine whether a service provider is worth getting in touch with. However, it is worth your while checking the number of reviews that they have received in comparison to the market leaders.

Independent service providers that have a thousand glowing ratings when a recognisable brand player in the same area has only a hundred or so of the same may have fudged their stats, so to speak. Bought reviews and ratings are common and can be very misleading, so it’s worth a deeper dig when you notice a disparity.

3. Getting in contact

After assessing all of that, if you feel that the company is worth contacting, then we suggest that you take note of whether the contact phone number is a mobile or landline. Mobile only should raise an eyebrow, simply because if they are an established, reputable and reliable moving company with the requisite resources at their disposal then this will include a dedicated landline in their offices that their customers can reach them at.

And, should a local moving company ever get in touch with you from an overseas number, disconnect the call immediately, because that is a sure sign that you should not trust them with your valuables!

4. Do they offer insurance?

Finally, something that you will want to know that your removalist of choice offers is insurance that will protect your property should anything happen during the move. Take your time and get an in-depth understanding of what exactly they offer and only retain their services when you feel that your possessions are adequately protected.

Taking all of the above into consideration will stand you in good stead no matter where you are moving to or from and for those seeking a premium service at competitive prices in the Melbourne area, then we hope that you will consider the team here at Mooval.