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We all view and use property in different ways. Some people are determined to own their own home from a young age, while others prefer to rent and take advantage of the freedom it affords them to move from place to place and country to country. Those that choose the rental option know all too well that security bonds are the norm and ensure that tenants treat a property that isn’t theirs with the respect it deserves.

However, when tenancies end removalists are needed in Rowville and across Melbourne to get everything that’s yours out of there. But, for those that are concerned about getting their deposit back, wouldn’t it be nice to have movers that would also clean the place?

Benefots of Our Rowville Removalist Service

Here at Mooval, we aren’t your every day ordinary moving company. We are Melbourne based and service the entire metropolitan area, and in doing so we realised that there are many more ways that we could deploy our considerable experience to the benefit of our customers. So, if you are just about to leave a rental accommodation and need someone to give the place a superb deep clean that will eliminate everything that could compromise the return of your bond, we are here to help out.
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Removalists In Rowville You Can Trust

At Mooval, we specialise in stain removal, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, stairs and hallway cleaning, heating and air conditioning duct cleaning, windows, walls, glassware and doors cleaning, not to mention a full kitchen clean that include the tiles, cupboards, oven, hobs and walls.

Our team of movers have over 35 years combined experience and each one was hand-picked and carefully screened to give our customers a dedicated team of professionals that they can trust and depend on to get the job done to the highest level.

So whether you’re moving to Narre Warren, Berwickor anywhere else in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

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Those that hire us to help moving will be pleased to learn that we will not only provide you with the boxes and packaging you need for the move but if you wish we can look after that and unpack things again at the other end of the move.

We have invested in specially designed materials to ensure that even the most delicate of items are fully protected while in transit, and for those who fear the worst, rest assured that in the unlikely event of anything happening, we have fully comprehensive insurance to our backs.
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Talk To Us For Furniture Removals In Rowville

At Mooval, we are especially glad to list National Storage, Stockdale & Leggo, The Salvation Army, LJ Hooker, Eview Group and Barry Plant among our commercial working partners. Our ability to consistently meet the needs of our customers has made us favourites in both the commercial and private worlds and we are very proud of the excellent reviews that we have earned as a result.

Those curious to learn just how good an experience we bring are encouraged to check out our Facebook, Oneflare, Product Review, Google and Service Seeking listings, as well as the testimonials right here on our website.

So, if you need a reliable, responsive and fast removals service, Mooval have it all and more. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation. Whether it’s furniture removals to or from Rowville, end of tenancy cleaning, storage solutions or bulletproof distribution to ramp up the efficiency of your business, rest assured that the team at Mooval has you covered.

Mooval is Melbourne’s best professional removalist service for moving furniture in offices & homes. We are experts in furniture removals in the eastern suburbs as well as office removals in Melbourne. Browse our website or call us to learn more about our services.

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In a rush or just want to get organised? Fill out our online form today and we’ll get back to you quickly with a free, no-obligation quote. Box up weeks of work into a few hours when you let us take care of your entire packing and unpacking process.

Please let us know about any specific requirements you may have, so we can plan for the smoothest move possible.

Moving Your Pets

Make the move exciting for them too!

The back of a truck is no place for a pet. Pet equipment such as leashes, brushes, food bowls, and feeder units should be packed into boxes for transport, and our helpful moovers can moove it for you.

When it comes to your furry family member, we recommend you move them in your own vehicle with your family.

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